Experiments in creating my own path and living on purpose. Sometimes lost, occasionally found, and often inspired.


Comets are among the few celestial bodies that are not constrained to a strict elliptical orbit.
They chart their own unique journey and in doing so light up the space through which they travel.

The Comet’s Tale is about creating your own path and living your authentic story. It’s an exploration of what it takes to live a happy, fulfilling life and find meaning in what you do. It’s about being actively present in your journey and not just shuffling through existence. It’s because how we travel matters. It’s for everyone out there who is not afraid to shine.

My name’s Alyson Madrigan and I live in San Francisco. I help people discover and act on possibilities. I like adventures and beautiful things. Summer thunderstorms, hammocks and handwritten letters bring me joy. I’m fascinated by human behavior, creativity and culture. I believe in designing the world for the best version of who we’re capable of being.

My path has taken me around the world, between cultures and across disciplines. It’s included everything from growing up in Ecuador, to teaching English and art to child tsunami survivors in Thailand, to starting a tech company about careers and happiness. It’s been a wild journey full of lots of learning and growth. Most importantly it’s been full of truly wonderful people. Read more here.