Experiments in creating my own path and living on purpose. Sometimes lost, occasionally found, and often inspired.

This year I’ve been acutely aware of my creative blockages. Perhaps this is because I feel more connected to my creative energy and I’ve become much more aware of the extent to which it fuels my experiences, my relationships and generally brings a sense of abundance to my life.

So why the blockages? I was recently reminded of the power of fear, perfectionism and biting off too much, while watching a ZenHabits webinar on Creating Daily. I had the fortune of learning some of these lessons a couple of years ago while doing a fantastic coaching program with Leo. Funny enough, my original post on these lessons randomly republished itself a few weeks ago. I’m not sure why this happened. Maybe it was the wordpress gods telling me to start again or maybe my blog was getting lonely and this was it’s way of telling me it needs some love.

Regardless, I find that in my personal work I am often guilty of starting creative projects and not finishing them, so I’ve decided to challenge myself and do a little exercise. For the remainder of the year, I’m going to publish one thing a week that is born of something that I started but didn’t finish. There is one rule. I can’t spend more than 60 minutes on any piece I repurpose or revive. When I’m done, I will publish it, even if it doesn’t feel complete or polished.

This is scary, I feel exposed already. But also excited. Bear with me, friends. I’m getting my creativity back. I am making art out of things unfinished.